June 2014
Sale of Maxcess International Awarded 2014 "Manufacturing Deal of the Year"

Windjammer Capital Investors is pleased to announce that the sale of Maxcess International was awarded “Manufacturing Deal of the Year (over $75 million)” at the 4th Annual ACG New York Champion’s Awards.*  In January of 2014, Merifin Capital and Windjammer announced the combination of their portfolio company, Maxcess International Corporation, with Webex, Inc., a portfolio company of Bertram Capital.  Maxcess was represented in the transaction by Harris Williams & Co., and by Christian Atwood of Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP.

Windjammer’s original investment in Maxcess took place in October of 2004.   At the time, Maxcess completed a debt recapitalization with Windjammer as the sole subordinated debt provider.  Windjammer subsequently acquired joint control of Maxcess in August of 2005 with Merifin Capital by buying out an existing equity owner in a proprietary transaction.  During the investment holding period, the company was significantly strengthened through additions to the executive leadership, improvements in its manufacturing network/protocols and enhancements to its new product development capabilities.

About Maxcess: With over 170 combined years of experience, Maxcess manufactures a comprehensive breadth of products designed to optimize web processing applications, which include web guiding, tension control, web slitting and roll supporting shafts. The Maxcess umbrella covers the strongest brand names in the industry: Fife; Tidland; and MAGPOWR. With a staff of web handling experts in each region of the globe, Maxcess is able to provide customers with products and systems ideally suited to solve their web processing applications. The company operates through locations in North America, Europe, China, Japan and India, which allows Maxcess to provide unmatched sales, service and support worldwide. Maxcess employs the largest factory-direct sales and service team in the industry, providing a sustainable and consistent level of service and support for their customers in any region of the world. Visit for more information.

* This award is not indicative of Windjammer's future results and does not relate to its investment advisory services.

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