January 2014
Windjammer Exits Investment in Maxcess International

Merifin Capital (Merifin) and Windjammer Capital Investors (Windjammer) today announced the combination of their portfolio company, Maxcess International Corporation (Maxcess), with Webex, Inc. (Webex), a portfolio company of Bertram Capital. Maxcess, based in Oklahoma City, OK, is a leading global provider of automation instrumentation solutions and systems utilized in complex continuous web-fed converting lines.

Christopher Wright, of Merifin, said “We feel that Maxcess is now best positioned to pursue the next phase of its development and will benefit along with its customers from being a part of a much expanded platform. Within the Merifin Group, Maxcess exemplifies our long term engagement with businesses undergoing a variety of financial and operating changes. We are most grateful to the Maxcess executive team around the world and wish them every success in the future. We have much enjoyed our association with Windjammer Capital over the course of our partnership.

Greg Bondick, of Windjammer, commented “Maxcess is a prime example of Windjammer’s focus on investing in niche, category leading businesses that can be improved with a strong collaboration with management and pursuant to a well-planned and properly executed improvement plan. We are very pleased with the results of our investment and our partnership with Merifin Capital.”

Cengiz Selman, of Merifin, added “After completing a significant number of improvement and growth initiatives, we have been able to enhance Maxcess’ value as a strategic platform. It is now a better managed, and a more global, agile and effective business, than it was when we acquired control in 2005 with our partners at Windjammer Capital.”

“I speak for the entire management team,” said Greg Jehlik, who will lead the combined business, “in my expression of thanks to our sponsors, Merifin and Windjammer. Their strategic guidance has helped Maxcess transform into a highly professionalized and lean organization. While we will miss the interactions with our friends at Windjammer and Merifin, we are delighted that they supported our view that the best future for Maxcess will come from its combination with Webex.”

"Maxcess' worldwide business model was a key reason for Merifin's investment," commented Jan Huysmans, of Merifin. "With our European background, we were able to assist Maxcess in improving and expanding its global organization".

“The combination of Maxcess and Webex is a logical next step in the growth plan of the business. The operational initiatives established during the joint ownership period should allow for a seamless transition,” indicated Craig Majernik of Windjammer.

Maxcess was represented in the transaction by Bill Roman and Jay Hernandez of Harris Williams & Co., and by Christian Atwood of Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP.

About Maxcess: With over 170 combined years of experience, Maxcess manufactures a comprehensive breadth of products designed to optimize web processing applications, which include web guiding, tension control, web slitting and roll supporting shafts. The Maxcess umbrella covers the strongest brand names in the industry: Fife pioneered automated web guiding; Tidland invented the very first expanding air shaft; and MAGPOWR has the largest installed base of tension products in the industry. With a staff of web handling experts in each region of the globe, Maxcess is able to provide customers with products and systems ideally suited to solve their web processing applications. Maxcess is a truly global company with locations in North America, Europe, China, Japan and India, which allows Maxcess to provide unmatched sales, service and support worldwide. Maxcess employs the largest factory-direct sales and service team in the industry, providing a sustainable and consistent level of service and support for their customers in any region of the world. Visit for more information.

About Webex: With roots extending back nearly 100 years, Webex along with its subsidiaries Fox Machining, Magnat-Fairview and PFE Rolls are established industry leaders in designing and manufacturing precision rolls and specialized web handling machinery for a diversified set of customers within the web handling and converting industries. In addition, the company has developed a strong reputation as an engineering solutions partner, providing value-added support for customer applications across a comprehensive portfolio of high quality web handling products. Visit and for more information.

About Merifin: Merifin is an experienced European privately owned investment group that has invested in traditional and alternative asset classes for more than twenty-five years. With offices and executives operating from Brussels, Geneva, New York, and London, Merifin and its affiliates maintain an active and international investment strategy that partners with companies and co-investors through early and late stage venture capital, growth capital, management buy-out, and turn-around transactions. For more information, visit