July 2011
Windjammer Announces the Acquisition of JWC Environmental

Windjammer Capital Investors ("Windjammer") is pleased to announce its acquisition of JWC Environmental ("JWC" or the "Company"), a leading manufacturer of grinding and solids separation equipment used primarily in wastewater treatment applications.  Windjammer's investment included a combination of equity and debt.  

Formerly a family-owned business, JWC Environmental, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, with operations in Georgia, the UK and China, is one of the most recognized brands in the wastewater treatment equipment industry.  JWC manufactures and services over 200 highly engineered variations of grinders, screens and processing systems, including the legendary Muffin Monster sewage grinder. Over 25,000 Muffin Monsters  are installed globally to grind up the solid debris that ends up in wastewater pump stations, pipelines and sludge lines. The dual-shafted grinder protects pumps and downstream systems from clogging and potential damage.  

“The Company’s products hold a leading market position and are utilized in mission critical applications in an industry with favorable fundamentals.  A combination of engineering capabilities and high quality service and support provide a compelling value proposition for the Company’s customers,” said Jeff Miehe, Managing Director of Windjammer.   “We look forward to supporting the Company’s management team in capturing the benefits of the long-term growth drivers in both the domestic and international markets.”

“A number of years ago we decided to dedicate a significant amount of time focusing on becoming knowledgeable about the water sector and the companies participating within the water sector,” said Robert Bartholomew, Chairman & Managing Principal of Windjammer.  “We have attended numerous water sector conferences and exhibits, established relationships with consultants and operating executives, toured water treatment facilities, and we try our best to stay up to date on industry trends through various trade publications.  We have come to understand the critical nature of clean water and wastewater and the important roles that various types of products and services play.  We are excited to partner with JWC, not only a company that displays many of the characteristics we seek, but also a leader in the water sector.”

For additional information regarding JWC, please visit their website at

Bob Bartholomew, Jeff Miehe, Matt Anderson, and Christian MacCarron worked on the transaction for Windjammer.  Jeff Miehe can be reached at 949-720-4205 or for more information.