October 2010
Windjammer Partially Exits Investment in McKenzie Sports Products

Windjammer Capital Investors is pleased to announce the successful redemption of its subordinated debt and preferred stock investment in McKenzie Sports Products ("McKenzie" or the "Company") through a successful debt recapitalization transaction. Windjammer invested in McKenzie in September 2006, providing a combination of subordinated debt and minority equity to support the PE-led buyout in partnership with the Company's management team. The investment generated a full return of the accreted value of Windjammer's subordinated debt and preferred stock investment and provided a significant dividend on our common equity interest. Windjammer continues to hold its full minority equity ownership position and is excited to continue our partnership with management and support of the Company.

Headquartered in Granite Quarry, NC with additional facilities in North Carolina, Texas, Utah and South Dakota, McKenzie is the leading designer, manufacturer and catalog retailer of taxidermy forms and supplies, sold to over 25,000 taxidermists throughout the world. The Company caters to the enthusiast driven, hunting and fishing markets and has demonstrated consistent sales and earnings growth due to a combination of selective acquisitions and organic growth. 

Windjammer's investment thesis in McKenzie centered on the Company's market leadership position in enthusiast driven end markets, its industry-leading products and customer service and its strong management team. During Windjammer's involvement with McKenzie, the Company has completed several accretive acquisitions, expanded its geographic footprint through the opening of new distribution centers and successfully introduced several new and innovative products. We look forward to working with management to build and grow the business.

Please contact Costa Littas, John Donahue or Caleb Clark for additional information concerning the investment or visit our website at